Chid Care Consulting

Excell Solutions was created to assist individuals and programs that are need of start up assistance or support in operating a Center. With 25 years of experience our consultants backgrounds range from Masters in Early Childhood to Bachelors degrees in Child and Family Development.There are many wonderful supportive programs available! Excell Solutions will walk you through all facets of your business in hopes to support and encourage Early childhood educators. We would like to consider ourselves as your personal cheerleader.

Our goal is to offer customized sessions to meet your specialized needs in developing your program.

We offer the following services:

CDA Training

Child Development Training

Step Up To Quality basic training

Classroom Set Up & Design

Enrollment Builders

Reducing High Turnover

Stress In The WorkPlace

Effective Team Work

Parent Component:

Parent workshops are designed to show parents what to look for in a quality program,we also provide support systems and resources to ensure each parents level of comfort and needs are fully meet before sending your child on the next important journey of his or her life. For example we would assist if transportation is needed ,extended child care for working moms.Our collaborative network helps the parent find where to go for all types of parenting services.

Excell Solutions will work collaboratively with child care providers to assure access to available resources to assist in meeting your programs needs.

Set-up a consultation

Excell Kids

Ages 0-5


Phone: 216-321-5224

Address: 3031 Monticello Rd. Cleveland Hts., OH

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Educare Kids

Pre-school Ages 3-5


Phone: 216-505-5897

Address: 4386 Mayfield Rd. South Euclid, OH

Hours: 6:30am-6:00pm

Cleveland Hts. After Care

After Care

Grades K-5


Phone: 216-640-4771

Address: 1 Monticello Blvd., Cleveland Heights, OH 44118

Hours: 2:00pm-6:30pm

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